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it is not the best for me.
I like this one, github.com/react-component/field-form
it is better to use with ant.design/components/form/
so simple and don't rerender all form items


This library uses the "Render props" pattern which I don't like. I think hooks are a much cleaner pattern.
The documentation of React Hook Form is much better, too. This library leverages Storybook to let you learn by examples, but I prefer a more organized documentation.

Anyway, I never used ant.design, but I'm quite sure you could easily wrap their components using React Hook Form's Controller component


no, it was not easy to me to handle antd ui inputs with react hook form, (it cause so much rerenders) Hook form needs to pass ref of inputs to control them,(i cant pass ref to ant input) but field-form uses new hooks and context, i have not used render props with it, field-form is part of antd design community. yes its doc is not clear, but every case exampls is presented on antd docs. i loved its api.

Hey Emin,

React Hook Form author here, It's great to hear feedback from the community. I am glad you enjoyed using field-form, and we should all appreciated the hard work that the author have putting in. In case, you may take a look again with RHF, let me know if you have any problems with it, we can work it out. In terms of integrate with external components, we are doing it pretty nicely IMO:


Codesandbox: examples with MUI, react-select and etc.

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