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Why Firebase Authentication and Hosting?

Even if you don’t like firebase for anything, you should love it for it authentication and hosting efficacy.

Firebase auth has a built in email/password authentication system. It also supports OAuth2 for Google, Facebook, Twitter and Github. Firebase’s OAuth2 system is well-documented and very easy to implement.
As a developer, if you’ve ever written an authentication system, you can agree with me that it is never an ordinary piece of cake, most especially for some of us who are still novice in the industry. Custom authentication is terrible, I will never write an auth system again for as long as I live (it’s a joke anyways). At a glance, I fell in love with Firebase Auth, and the flame of it beauty has never departed. In software development, sometimes it could get frustrating but with the odd experience of trying to write a custom auth system, you will definitely have to think twice.
Firebase Auth integrates directly into Firebase Database, so you can use it to control access to your data which is another great experience.

Firebase includes an easy-to-use hosting service for all of your static files. It serves them from a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with HTTP/2. To make your development particularly painless, Firebase hosting utilizes Superstatic, which you can run locally for all of your testing.
Superstatic is an enhanced static web server that was built to power. It has support for html5 pushState applications, clean URLs, caching and many more. Superstatic should be installed globally using npm.
For use via CLI: $ npm install –g superstatic
For use via API: npm install superstatic --save

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