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Journey to Code - JavaScript

Hello and Welcome to Journey to Code - JavaScript 😊!

πŸ”Ž What's JTC and what it is for?

JTC or Journey to Code - JTC is a series of articles about JavaScript-related topics that will help you learn JavaScript from beginner level to intermediate.

The reason I started Journey to Code was that I wanted to learn and engage with the community and people while learning something specific.

πŸ€” How learning together benefits you?

Statistics show that β€œlearning-by-teaching” is extremely effective, the β€œlearning-by-teaching” technique has been demonstrated in many studies.

Students who spend time teaching what they’ve learned go on to show better understanding and knowledge retention than students who simply spend that time re-studying.

To keep it short, learning something often increases the chances that you will remember what you've learned and overall boosts your motivation to learn more and improve yourself!

πŸ€— Information about Journey to Code

In this section, I will tell you more about what to expect from JTC and give you more information about what it is. Journey to Code is intended for anyone, from absolute beginners who are new to JavaScript to Experts that's been in this field for a long time.

The Schedule
Every Monday I will post an article about JavaScript and it will cover from basic ones to incredibly advanced ones. Stay tuned!

How will this work?
We will learn by reading through the article and in the end practicing what we've learned with some resources I will provide πŸ˜‰.
If you want to engage further into JTC, you can join our upcoming community server and engage with other aspiring developers like yourself πŸ˜€!

Thanks for reading and I wish you have a good day and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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