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Writing my first VS Code extension

Ricky White
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I'm (slightly) celebrating this week because I achieved something, albeit relatively small.

I published my first VS Code extension!

VS Code is becoming an increasingly popular code editor with a huge selection of extensions to customize your experience. Despite this I still found myself creating my own custom snippets for the code I wrote repeatedly.

After too long, it dawned on me that if I benefitted from these handy shortcuts then others might too.

And thus, Python Template Snippets was born.

Python Template Snippets

Just search "python template snippets" in VS Code's extention tab to install, or manually download from the Github repo below.

It's only v1.0 but it's a start. Happy for feedback and issue requests.

And don't forget, if you like it, leave a star rating ⭐ 😊

Happy coding!

GitHub logo EndlessTrax / python-template-snippets

A VS Code snippet extension for both the Jinja2 and Django template engines.

Python Template Snippets

This VS Code snippet extension includes snippets for both the Jinja2 and Django template engines.

Quickly add snippets to HTML template files in your project.

If there is a snippet that is not included in this extension, please open an issue on the repo here.


Just hit install!

If installing this extension directly from the repo, copy it into your local <user home>/.vscode/extensions folder and restart VS Code.

Works best with editor.tabCompletion enabled (on) in your VS Code Settings.


Simply type pt to start using any of the snippets. The full documentation is below.

This extension works best with editor.tabCompletion enabled (on) in your VS Code Settings.


The full changelog can be found here.


See the tables below for general, jinja, django snippets. The * denotes where the cursor will start so you can start…

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