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AI Assembly Line for Building Software | Engineer.AI

BY: Natasha ( Team Member)

Hey there I’m Natasha, and my specialty is making all your app building dreams come true.

Say you've got a great idea for an app or a website, maybe it finds you a concert buys you tickets and calls you a car to get there but you don't know how to find somebody to turn the thing in your head into the thing in your hands or you do and they said it would cost too much.

They said it'd take too long well, don't be surprised they didn't have me and they didn't have builder. Let me tell you how do our things, it's easy to promise you tell us what you want, what it does and the features you need, then me and my network of geeks build it using building books that really work.

That means you save on building features that are already out there and pay for what's really special about your idea and you own all of the code. If you're buying a car you don't start by designing the wheels or the doors so who says you're supposed to build an app that way. will take your dream and make it real on all the devices you need it to live on and we'll do it fast because we know what we're doing even better will guarantee you a cost and you'll get your estimate right away plus we'll make a timeline that works for you, pricing that works for you and of course a roadmap that works for you with room for the iteration customization and maintenance.

You'll Need, You'll Get all that information on an easy to read, build card, you don't need to be an engineer to understand it and when we ( say right away, we mean right away, really builder generates it automatically, so your idea makes it to the real world with no surprises and no hidden costs. I know what you're saying how's all this even possible it's basically magic builder by engineer day. I wear awesome together what will you build.

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I'm not sure this is the correct forum for such a 'solution'. Also, my "I've been doing this for 25 years" senses are tingling, I keep catching hints of the distinct odor of snake (with a hint of oil).