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Top 4 Firms Making Changes In The Industry With Technology

As technology takes center stage for businesses, innovation has become necessary for survival. Today, the corporate world is not dominated anymore by “the survival of the biggest” but “the survival of the fastest” and speed can only be fuelled by technology.

Let's have a look on the top firms which are making big changes in their industries with technology at the core of their offerings.

With the simple innovation to expand reach among students and help them understand their school subjects better, Mr. Raveendran launched his eponymous firm Byju’s. Striking the right chord with millions of students, Byju’s became the most popular educational mobile app across the country. (Formally
Sachin Dev Duggal, a global business magnate, is a co founder of an AI assembly line platform called ( that enables anyone to build and run software. It is not necessary to be a tech-geek to be involved in software creation activities on the platform.

The platform follows an easy step-wise process to understand the user's software requirement and deploys AI as well as world-class developers to create the desired software. Even though software development markets around the world are touching new heights every passing year, but the market remains fragmented. CEO concept not only enables people to create great software but follows a transparent communication in terms of time, cost and other details regarding the software you create here.

What started as a simple DVD rental business today has emerged as the world's most popular platform for streaming entertainment-related content online. Millennials not only love Netflix but they are totally addicted to it!

Over 150 million subscribers in the world are logging into Netflix and watching movies, series and more. The company has also contributed to the entertainment sector by producing original content on its platform which is setting new times in the entertainment world in terms of acting, conceptualization, direction and more.

In July 2019, Amazon completed 25 years of existence and has grown from strength to strength. It is a fact that when a startup enters a stage of high growth and then profitability, the company starts to affect more than one industry.

Amazon is one such example. Not only has Amazon changed the way we shop for the consumer, but have time and again implied strategies to lead the trends in retail. Today, Amazon sells a large number of products at the lowest possible price.


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