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Wesley Ameling
Wesley Ameling

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Am I supposed to follow back?

Over the past few weeks, I have been followed by quite some members, as a new suggestion feature has been implemented on this platform. As primarily a reader (noting that I only have 2 published articles, not counting this one), I really don't feel the need to follow those other members back. This is primarily because I don't know about their content and simply don't have the time to check all those people out. On the other hand it feels like I am disrespecting those people as I am not following back: it is nowadays almost a social obligation to do see (especially if one is on Facebook).

So dear followers, thank you for following me but I am sorry that you shouldn't expect a lot of articles from me.

Do you guys follow everyone back or should I not worry this much about this? I really want to hear your opinion about this.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Totally okay for you to not follow them back. I personally treat it like Twitter, too.

Protip: the home page feed is based on who you follow and what tags you follow, so following people does actually have an effect on that.

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Michael Minshew

I only follow the people I have an interest in. I actually got off Facebook for the same reason as this, the compulsion to follow everyone. I'm more of a twitter guy, following only those i'm interested in.