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Make PowerShell Look like ZSH

Customize PowerShell Same as ZSH

Make it look and feel like zsh from Linux or macOS in Windows 10.

Step-1 : Install PowerShell latest version from Here.

  • Download PowerShell .msi installer based on you Windows 10 architecture.
  • Install it. For more details refer Microsoft Documentation Here.

Step-2: Install A Font of Your Choice From Nerd Font. I am using DejaVuSansMono Nerd Font.

  • Download and Extract the zip file then select all fonts and right click on them select Install.

  • After that search PowerShell in Windows Search Bar and Run as Administrator make sure you are in System32 when PowerShell is Run as Administrator.

  • Now right click on PowerShell Icon on top left corner and select properties.

  • Now go to Font and find and select the nerd font that you install and apply it.

  • Now Close and Restart PowerShell as Administrator.

Step-3: Now The Important Step. Go to Oh-My-Posh and Inside PowerShell part of Installation Documentation. Refer Documentation Carefully.

  • Run Command As Administrator: (Refer Documentation Installation part PowerShell

Install-Module oh-my-posh -Scope AllUsers

  • Then Run This Command As Administrator:

Import-Module oh-my-posh

  • After That Run This Command:


  • Look from the list which style you like and note down the Theme name. For e.g. I am going with Theme "Nu4a".

Step-4: Refer This Microsoft Documentation for setting up profile.

  • Run This Command As Administrator:

notepad $PROFILE.AllUsersAllHosts

  • Then if you see an option create a file then click create and then paste below command in notepad.

Set-PoshPrompt -Theme {Theme Name}

e.g. Set-PoshPrompt -Theme Nu4a

  • Then Save it and restart PowerShell. You will see your PowerShell Change Now. Make Sure You apply the Nerd Font otherwise the theme will look weird.

Now Your Power Shell Looks and Feels just like ZSH.

You read the Documentation from Oh My Posh to do much further customization of all types of terminals. Read it Here

Thank For Reading.
Tell Me What Customization were you able to do I would love to know ?

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tahsinurrahman profile image

I cannot see icons in my powershell

mundim profile image
Lucas Fonseca Mundim

you need to install a font that has those. try the MesloLGS NF

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