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Discussion on: Fullstack developer is a scam term

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Author

Lost my words at this point.

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Jason Clark • Edited on

My city is very poor and corrupt, just last week my friend went out of business because she couldn't compete she was in business since 1991, it's hard for me and others to compete with the world. I can't sell software to say the Russians or Chinese, also Russia isn't importing lots of people which by no fault of their own are displacing us. America has a problem with this, especially in the tech sector, I've done so many job interviews how possibly could i still be unemployed im at about 400, a big problem is underhanded recruiters scope the job and report to the employer much more than the canidate wants then hires cheaper labor in another country and collects much more profits than if he was working in his native country. Then as more money leaves the country that's not paid to the govt property becomes more expensive due to rising taxes to pay for social programs so the citizens can eat. Its a cycle i hope will be ending soon, corporations think more about profit than people, eventually it will come to arms if it doesn't stop. Luckily it's getting better just not quickly enough i hope soon the us puts sanctions on countries like india, then they will be forced to deal with their unemployment issue rather than using the us to prop up their class system. If india had a more free market or Mexico did then there would be no need to come to my country.i don't mind sharing but when i don't get to eat or have to sleep on the streets so some syrian refugees can gave a home, car, phone, life there's a problem.

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Md. Abu Taher 👨‍💻 Author • Edited on

Now I have some words.

Look at this,
Cost of living in Bangladesh is 56.16% lower than in United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rent in Bangladesh is 86.59% lower than in United States (average data for all cities).

To make the same quality software, people would be happy with 56.16%-86.59% less money than USA. That's true and sad. That is the reason why we cannot sell softwares to locals. The locals here expects to have a full blown software for $1k, while we can sell same thing to USA guys for $10k-$20k. By doing this, we gradually improve our own country, we increase the quality of work, we improve the living standards of true software developers.

The job market is hard everywhere. Trying to hire developers myself, I felt it over and over, it's hard to find good developers, and it's hard to find good hiring managers. Most just gets knocked at the CV part.

The cycle will not end, because people will obviously look for cheaper work and greater profit. That's human nature.

And all these talk will not help us solve our problem as it is not the real problem.

As I said before, every time I was in a crisis, I just went ahead and started helping others. I do not hold my pride onto something at that point. Just help others will whatever I know. Help others build frontend, backend, api. Help others with programming contest, functional programming, teaching, course and all. Help others on stackoverflow, quora, github issues.

Help your friend who just went out of business. Work together. Build something and solve some real problem. Do not expect money, just help anyone and everyone.

All these will improve my communication, and as well as build my potential network. People will see value in me anyway. It won't matter about my degree or cv.

At your age, it's hard to accept such thing, maybe because you saw world more than me and such. But look around you, who is getting the job? Full stack developers? Backend developers? Frontend developers? Developers who wants to sell own software?

I went thru your github, it doesn't only have elixir, it has PHP, JS, Typescript and lots of other stuff, except no portfolio/profile link.

Market yourself more. That's how these scammers earn money. If you do not market yourself, you will not get yourself out there magically.

  • Market yourself
  • Help others everywhere
  • Build portfolio
  • Think outside the box (and city/state/country)
  • Build network
  • Apply to jobs

Do not worry about full stack development, just make something worthy. It's easier said than done. But if you got time to reply that, you also got time to do all the things I said above.