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re: Using types to improve separation of concerns and unit test easily on Dart/Any-Typed-Language
Awesome article. Really nice concepts explained easily. Love ...
re: What is your favourite Git command?
This is my favorite too!!
re: Android - Koin DI
Here is an example of koin injection with mvvm. Could this ...
re: Resume Review
That's nice!! Here I leave my resume and I go slowly ... ...
re: Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 15th edition)
What about DEV-android???
re: How's your Hacktoberfest progress?
Done! I really like this, I think I will continue contribut...
re: Getting Started with VuePress
Bought are markup languages, but that's not the idea. Are m...
re: Why did you start programming?
Simple, I wanted to be a god!
re: When did you stop thinking of yourself as a junior/newbie?
What is exactly a junior developer? Interesting post about...
re: Fantastic youtube channels, with top-quality learning for software engineers
Interesting topic to share YouTube channels. My favorite on...
re: Can I see your terminal?
Here is mine, pretty simple but lovely :D
re: Explain me clean architecture like im five
Hahahahah no problem i found it very funny and interesting to...
re: Explain me clean architecture like im five
hey, i keep reading about the topic and i found this useful p...
re: What's most likely to kill your motivation for the day/month/year?
Well, no a long time ago i was in a local hackathon i spend...
re: Explain Activity Lifecycle Like I'm Five
An activity is a single screen in android, its like a windo...
re: Lazy habits in linux terminal
I dont know if that its lazy habits but i code an automatio...
re: Data Structures and Algorithms: 0 to 60
Incredible post πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
re: Million-Dollar Ideas Don't Just Invent Themselves
Probably the showers ideas it's for some people that find t...
re: What are some project ideas that beginners can work on to show in their portfolio?
Im sure that link : dreamincode.net/forums/topic/78802... w...
re: Every developer should write a personal automation API
re: Don’t Fear the CFP
Excelent post , I defenitely share this with my friends
re: Things that weren't so obvious when you started to program in Python
That's exactly what happens to me when I started. Lovely &l...
re: What developer podcasts do you listen to or watch?
For android development, Fragmented is amazing <3
re: How we can make a difference as software engineers
Just amazing <3, probably we are the protagonist in any ...
re: I want to learn Python, where should I start?
The best way to start with a new language is to know his sy...
re: Facial Detection in JavaScript using Tracking.js
Just amazing <3