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Why Angular Sucks

Epic Lee
Updated on ・1 min read

I wrote an article on why I think Angular sucks

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Rudy Nappée

Great article, I couldn't agree more ! I would add why rely this much on old fashionned OOP concepts and static structures when competitors try to embrace dynamic behavior of js ? React fonctionnal components with hooks are a perfect exemple of simplicity and expressivity...

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Mustafa BALCI

Yeah Angular sucks because its named Angular and yeah we must click your medium article to see your saying "angular sucks because its named angular"

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Andries van Wyk

I'm pretty sure Google uses Angular extensively

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Rudy Nappée • Edited

By the way nobody at Google uses Angular (exactly like GWT few years ago) when Facebook do an intensive use or React for their whole website (& mobile apps with native). That should hint us 😁