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Craft Troubleshooting Round Up

So my new mantra is that if something takes me more than a few minutes and a google search to solve, then someone else out there might benefit from me posting the results of my troubleshooting. These things typically aren’t big enough for individual blog posts so they’ve been going on my personal Instagram so far. But I will round them up here for your benefit, lucky you!

Honeypot field in Craft CMS Freeform Forms

I was working on accessibility for a site that was using Craftcms Forms plugin. I’ve submitted this to Solspace and they’ll be updating it in a future release but until then …

Basically the form was not passing accessibility checks for the honeypot field and needed a tabindex of -1 added. So line 632 or so in the plugin I’ve added the code shown below and bam, we pass the accessibility tests.

When “entry” doesn’t exist on the homepage

Occasionally when we run some of the Craft CMS updates the homepage there’s an “entry does not exist” error. Depending on the update some of the settings on the homepage section may have changed and require some attention. In this case, we just needed to recheck the “home” icon in the site settings.

Solspace Calendar not showing repeat toggle

Finally, I had a request to add the ability to repeat an event using Solspace Calendar plugin. Well, what’s going on here? I have other sites using the same plugin that allow repeating events, why isn’t this one? Well, we had just run the latest update that included a new “lite” version of the plugin. Apparently the lite version does not include the repeat toggle so we just need to go into our plugin page and switch from the “lite” version back to our “pro” version that matches our license key.

Well I hope some of these things help you out! Stay tuned, there’s bound to be more troubleshooting around here.

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