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Developer blog? Why not?

Ug, who wants to read a blog about Web Development? I bet there’s a few of you out there. I can’t recall who pushed me in this direction but the premise was that: if you are looking for information on a web development topic and you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, write a blog. Even if there are 100 other blog posts about the same or similar topic, your take on the subject might be just different enough to satiate another dev’s relentless search for the answer to their specific situation.

So we’re writing a blog. There’s currently three active devs on our team and our experiences cover the gamut from old school, self taught, 2400 baud modem style dev to new school, fresh out of college, got all the new bells and whistles dev.

Now if we can come up with some super epic topics, we’ll be set.

Stay tuned …

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