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Unity Ads Tutorial / Monetize Your Game Under 5 Min

In this short tutorial I'll explain how you can add ads to your Unity App in under 5 minutes so you can start monetize your game and make money

Next video will be strategies to place ads in your game for maximum profit!

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Alina Dunec

HI! Actually, you need to choose one or more ways of monetization that are most suitable for a mobile game.
Paid mobile game. For this type of monetization, you have to be sure that buying the game is worth it.
Even a paid game can be additionally monetized. Paid and free versions of mobile games can include in-game purchases. By playing the game, the user receives bonuses or acquires and replenishes assets for watching ads.
For free games, the only way to monetize games is through advertising. In this case, profits come directly from advertising; this method allows players to enjoy the game for free.
Also, players can get extra bonuses for advertising.
You can read this article for more information on how to monetizing mobile games