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I am going to build 6 products in 12 months

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I am going to build 6 products in 12 months on my way to create financial freedom for myself. And I seem to have picked the worst time to start. Right in the middle of COVID-19. The largest economic depression since THE great depression and do I go and find a secure job?

No. I do the exact opposite. I start working for myself.

This all started when the office for my day job closed and we began to work from home. Without a commute I found myself with ample amount of time to do things just for me. It was the most empowering and freeing 2 weeks of my life. Working on what I want, feeling like I am making an impact in the lives of people. I haven't felt that energized in ages.

So I started to chase that.

I started a vlog, producing YouTube videos, developing and releasing side projects, writing, and reading more. I created whatever, whenever. And it was AMAZING. So amazing that I wanted more.

Then the next month passed and I hadn't been able to rekindle that experience. I couldn't find that same passion no matter the amount of searching. I figured out that the more time I spent on my day job and the less time I spent on things I wanted to do the worse I felt.

So I am taking a stand.

I am going to challenge myself into financial independence. Into my dream job, my destiny, into an entrepreneur.

Over the next year I am going to create and launch 6 new products and work to make them profitable. The most successful business I run currently is Team-Img. It is profitable, but no where near sustainable for me to live on with only \$7 MRR.

Thats right, 7 whole dollars. The math is hard but that is a total of \$84 a year. Not much to live on.

But that is my inspiration. Team-Img was the catalyst that showed me I could produce something useful.

And so begins my journey. Starting from \$7 MRR I will build a life for myself and my family by working on things I love with people who care. It is going to be an adventure, a challenge but most of all it will be - hard. Also fun. I am thrilled to be going on this journey and it starts today.

With inspiration from Pulsar I am going to count Flawk, which is super early alpha, as my first of 6 products. I have 6 others in the pipeline and over the next year I am going to attempt to make each one a profitable product.

Flawk isn't even close. But that is where the fun is.

0/6 profitable products and counting.

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