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Flawk is in alpha!

I have been trying to build a business and gain financial independence for a couple of years now. It isn't going super well, but I am hoping that Flawk is my first step in the right direction.

I started out building Flawk to help make Meetups, including the ones I run, more engaging, and inclusive by focusing on the interactions between the presenters and audience. After having a few false starts (5 months of false starts) I finally came across a meaningful way to start - remote events. Although I have big plans for Flawk and at its core it should still provide more engaging and inclusive human interactions, I chose to focus on hosting and attending remote events.

You can check out our new home page and get a little bit of a better idea of what we are offing. But as we enter alpha I am looking for people who are currently hosting or want to start hosting events to work with me to build an amazing experience. If you are interested you can fill out a request form here:

I also want to start using Flawk myself as soon as possible! Which is what this post is really about. I want to put on a live event and give a talk about something, probably React related, but I don't know what! So here I am asking you, what do you want to see a presentation on!? Here are some subjects I enjoy talking about:

  • Computer Science basics (data structures, algorithms, Big O)
  • React (Hooks, building your first app, NextJS)
  • RxJS
  • Technical Hiring
  • Testing and doing TDD with Jest and React Testing Library

If you have something that is not on that list that you would like to hear about, comment below I would like my first Flawk event to be extremely fun and also useful!

Thanks for listening and leave comments on what you'd like to see me talk about! I will follow up with the link to the event once it is scheduled.


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