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10 reasons why Masonite (new Python Framework) is awesome!

10 reasons why Masonite Python Framework is awesome!

1 - Masonite can develop real MVC Application:

I am a big fan of Ruby on Rails and Laravel. I love the MVC concept (model, view and controller). It makes it easy and quick to develop an application while providing a solid logical structure for scalability and maintenance.

Before Masonite, to my knowledge no other modern Python framework offered an MVC framework. In fact, only Django had something similar but still sufficiently different. I remember often wishing that Django was more like Laravel and Rails.

Masonite make my wish come true :-)

2 - Masonite is very easy and fun to use. The advantage of being a true MVC is that if you are already familiar with any MVC framework, then you have a good head start because these frameworks all work the same way. For my part it only took a few hours and I was already familiar with Masonite.

One of the main focus of Masonite is to make the developer happy. And it work! Everything with Masonite is nice and fun to code.

I invite you to consult this little quick Masonite tutorial yourself to see what I mean :

3 - Great Documentations. One of the most important aspect of any framework. The Masonite documentation is of superior quality. Everything is documented. The philosophy is that no new features is released without proper documentations.

Currently I believe there are over 600 pages with clear examples and simple word explanation.

4 - Community support. The support is very accessible and comprehensive. Key to adopting a new framework is support. Masonite is complete at this level with a slack community, twitter and youtube channel ready to help you if needed. Every time I ask a question on slack, someone help me very fast. It’s critical to be able to get help quick if you build a real production app. Time is money.

5 - Beginners are welcome! It's not easy to start in a new framework, often it feels like only advanced users can use new toys. With Masonite it is different, everything is in place to help beginners including an very open and welcome community, superior documentations and also a MasoniteCast videos learning site.

6 - One Command Line Authentication System: Masonite can create a complete authentication system with just one command. Model, controllers and even the views (template). Once created it is possible to customize as desired. Fast but powerful.

7 - Masonite is all inclusive web framework. To develop a small todo list you don't need a lot and any micro framework can do the job.

But on the other hand, when developing a complete applications, we need to integrate several additional features such as database, email notifications, background jobs, uploads, storage on S3, Web sockets, etc.

Well everything I just named Masonite supports it out of the box and makes it available as easily and fully as the other functions. So less boiler plate code to create and less hours to spend finding and integrating the best possible library.

8 - Masonite is still young but is not a youngster! A new framework is fine, but the beginnings are often chaotic. Masonite is already a few years old and is now at version 2.3. So there is already a certain maturity and stability in the framework. Several sites developed with Masonite are already in production and are working smoothly. Masonite version 3 is in development and will bring even more to the table.

9 - Everything is possible! Masonite is young enough to still be flexible and open to improvement. The framework is completely extensible and should continue to improve a lot. Besides, why not make your contribution? This is your chance to help build something that will become memorable, I have no doubt.

10 - Masonite is a Python framework. Put it like that sounds obvious but my point is that Python is super easy to start and learn but it's also powerful and popular. There are thousands of ready-to-use packages and libraries that will help you code faster. Moreover with Python you will be able to apply what you have learned in other fields like game creation, gui application, mobile application, machine learning, ect. It’s almost endless what you can do with Python.

If this list talk to you, I invite you to learn more about Masonite by visiting his githib page: If you like the idea and want to help the comminity, you can click to add a little github star ;-)

Good development!

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