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Awesome Ruby on Rails Hotwire Admin Panel

Avo Ruby on Rails Admin Panel

First, I must say that I am happy to see that the Ruby on Rails community is more alive than ever and continues to produce great products.

Just in case you have any doubts, no I have no affiliation of any kind with this project :-)

I came across their site in a discord chat and out of curiosity I decided to go see what was going on.

My first impression was more than good and that's why I wanted to tell you about it in this post.

Currently I am working to create a web application with Laravel and I use Laravel Nova every day. Nova is an admin panel for a Laravel application. In fact this is the best admin panel I have used. The design is superb and it is powerful and customizable at will. I no longer count the time I save using this admin panel vs doing everything manually.

Until now, I thought that Rails had no equivalent (of this quality). I knew a few admin panel. All very good but none of the caliber of Laravel Nova ... That was before I discovered Avo! (

Avo is the equivalent of Nova but for Ruby on Rails applications. The modern design is rich, flexible and customizable. Moreover, it uses Hotwire in order to make the user experience worthy of a SPA.

Besides the fact of not using javascript or a framework like vue.js, the customization is done in Ruby, therefore simpler and faster.

Version 1 should be available shortly. There is a free community version and the full version is $ 99 per business project.

Curious, see by yourself:

Alt Text


Thanks for reading this post!

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Adrian Marin ⛵️

Thank you for the kind words, Eric! This is Adrian, co-creator of Avo.
It’s amazing to see that Avo is helping people develop apps faster. We made it to scratch our own itch.
It draws inspiration from Nova and we are open to a conversation with the community to better shape the path ahead. You can write on our Discord channel or suggest ideas on our GitHub discussions board