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Django, Rails or Laravel? My choice ... Finally ...

It was not obvious, all three frameworks have their pluses and minuses. The ideal would be to have a custom framework with the advantages of one and the advantages of the other :-)

I must say that I learned a lot and had a lot of fun comparing these three frameworks. However, all good things come to an end. My project is due to start soon, so I had to choose now.

So without fanfare I announce that after three months of evaluation I chose ... Laravel

There are many reasons for this choice. Laravel offers in my opinion an excellent mix of speed and efficiency of development.

The framework is very popular and the packages available are very numerous and very professional and well documented.

The official Laravel documentation is really very well constructed and very clear. It is therefore easy to do a search to quickly find the desired subject.

The training tools are also very numerous and very professional. For example, offers hundreds of high quality training videos. It will be an essential tool to continue my learning.

Finally, the Laravel team and community are very passionate and continue to intensively develop and improve their framework.

That being said, it is not perfect I know that very well. But for my purposes and comparing to Rails and Django, in my opinion it was my best option.

In the next week I will continue to share my journey with you and publish several posts on Laravel and PHP.

To be continued...

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