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Ways to make money as a developer in 2020

Many people have been asking many questions on how they can generate income as a developer. In the list below I have compiled a list of things you can do to earn an income from programming as a developer. Hope you will like it.

Most developers nowadays are working as freelancers. Being a freelancer is good since you set your own rate per hour, set your own time you don’t have a lot of pressure to meet anything such that the working schedule is very flexible you work as you want. Another advantage is that you can work on multiple projects from different people from different sites. The following sites are some of the best you can freelance e.g,,,,,,

Content creation
Being a developer can sometimes be an amazing task that you can start teaching others by opening a YouTube channel and twitch account. Developers can open a YouTube channel where they choose a certain topic to teach ranging from data struictures,python,data science e.t.c.You can monetize your channel using YouTube ads provided by google, sponsored content, selling your own products, affiliate links and many more.There are developers making some income from this i.e. Programming with Mosh, Clever Programmer,RealToughCandy,FlorinPop and many more.

Creating a blog
If you are a developer you can share whatever you know about programming by writing on your blog. You can improve the blog performance by writing good articles and SEO.For a developer to earn from a blog you can monetize the blog by using the following methods:
•Ads-google AdSense,
•Affiliate marketing-you can earn commission from the products you sell from your blog
•Selling e-books-you create e-books about certain topics and sell on ebay, amazon and many other sites.
•You can have sponsors on your sites which you can make an income as well.
•Writing articles for other blogs, people-you can be hired to write articles for other sites and you can be paid per hour or the way you will agree with the person who will hire you.
•You can also sell your own products on your blog.

Building projects/Software’s/Plugins/Games/Themes
You can build your own products which can be an app,a website ,a game or a SAAS whereby you can earn from monthly or yearly subscriptions from the products or let’s say from adds or app purchases of games.
You can also create WordPress themes that you can sell on theme forest, colorlib and earn an income from that.

If you feel or you can teach someone a certain concept its good to start teaching other people by charging a certain fee for a certain course. You can check some sites like codementor,

Teaching/Lessons/Paid Courses
Some developers can start teaching and making courses. You can sell your courses on,pluralsight ,on your own blog and many other sites.

After creating you content for sometime on your blog or youtube channel you can ask you readers, viewers or your fans to donate some little cash monthly or yearly in order to help you run your activities like creating more videos, more free courses, more blog articles.
You can use sites like Patreon commonly and Buy me a coffee.

You can also check and participate in competitions and challenges on sites like, and even check bug bounty programs on sites like etc and maybe you can win and earn something from it.

Branding of T-shirts/shoes/products
You can start printing tshirts, pillos,cups with peoples favourite language logo e.g python logo on a tshirt and then sell them and earn an income from that.

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