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This week was busy and I learned a lot from it.
Even though it was tough, I learned from those challenges.

The main key takeaways of this week were Resilience/Stress management and Implementation of web applications from UI designs

I enjoyed the session of stress management and resilience the most.

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This session was amazing, I learned that stress management or having resilience is a very important thing to have .
Stress can lead to burnout and reduce your productivity.

Stress is normal and part of life. Life is full of challenges and those challenges makes us grow back stronger. It's the matter of how you handle those challenges.

Talking about resilience, It's better to have a growth mindset to be resilient. You have to embrace the changes. Things changes and you have adapt yourself to the changes and move on.

Stress for a long period can lead to depression and that's the worst. Recovering from depression takes a lot of time and is hard.

There are many tips on how you can avoid stress.

  • Self awareness
  • Relax :)
  • Strategize your work
  • Be grateful
  • Embrace the changes
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Accept your best
  • Meditation

UI Implementation
This also was an amazing part of the week because it boosted my skills in web application implementation from UI. There are some rules to follow. You have to pay attention to details and also organize your project structure.

Concluding I can say, this week was tough and full of many skills to make someone grow. Also remember "Mens sana in corpore sano" / "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Remember to manage the stress.

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