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"it seems likely that somebody will draw similar conclusions to us and be in a place where they want to create one"

My experience with Elm and the community mirrors this. We had to make a critical decision on how to move forward as well, and as an internal experiment, I decided to port Elm to Bucklescript. After using it internally for the past few months, I don't think we'll go back. The development experience is arguably better than we experienced using Elm. No more ports, amazing FFI, write your own effect managers, and write end to end Ocaml, with no need to drop down to javascript.


So what kind of toolchain or project templates are you using for Bucklescript? I really liked Create Elm App as a starter.


I find when I'm coding in Bucklescript my toolchain is pretty slim. Bucklescript, npm, rollup.js and postcss... and a testing server :P

Ah, I completely missed that you ported Elm to Bucklescript. That's pretty cool. Do you have it anywhere to look at, or is in internal? If you can't share it, do you have any place describing it? I previously checked out the Fable-Elmish source code, and MVU does appear to be a fairly straightforward pattern to implement. Integrations seem like the hard part.

There is also the bucklescript-tea library for an elm style library on bucklescript.

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