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A few videos that may expand or inspire your (developer) mind

Here are a few presentations that may perhaps inspire and expand your views and insights around software development and programming.

The first one is "Four languages from forty years ago", with Scott Wlaschin. It is an enjoyable presentation about a few programming languages and that was perhaps more diverse back then than now - and there can be some things to learn from old things also.

The second one is a fascinating and fun piece that explores code and coding as an art - "The art of code", with Dylan Beattie.

Also, a couple of videos for notable women in the field.
This includes Radia Perlman, an Internet Hall of Fame member, whose work was key to making the internet happen.

This is also a great talk by Dame Stephanie Shirley about entrepreneurship and programming.

Why do ambitious women have flat heads

Grace Hopper is one of the pioneers of modern computing. This includes some videos capturing a summary of a lecture held by Grace (Grace Hopper lecture), as well as a presentation from the director of a movie about Grace Hopper.

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