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Feedback on my side project

erykpiast profile image Eryk Napierała ・1 min read

Hey folks!

If you use Webpack and are into website performance, I'd appreciate it if you take a look at the tool I made after hours and give me some feedback.

CleanShot 2021-01-21 at 23.46.48

I highly encourage you to take the tour first as it nicely (I hope) explains the whole purpose of the app. You can also try to upload Webpack stats from your own project and see if that works for you.

It's very early stage (despite I'm working on it for more than a year, there is just never time for it 😞), so there is a risk that it doesn't look great for more complex configurations. But that kind of feedback will be also very valuable!

Thank you all in advance! 🙏

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