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5 Strategies an SEO Services Provider in Delhi Follows to Succeed in HARO Pitching

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Delhi NCR is one of the prime cities that pump small businesses and startups. And they are improving their game by opting for good SEO services. Although these services can be self-taught, hiring an SEO professional is more beneficial.

Small businesses and startups need to focus on local presence. Thus, they look for an SEO agency in Delhi NCR that can use innovative methods to optimize content for effective local marketing. One such method is Google My Business (GMB) listing.

This one method, if correctly implemented, can change the course of one’s business drastically.

Here are five prominent reasons why experts choose GMB as an effective marketing tool to enhance web visibility.

Google My Business is Free

For any startup, it is essential to manage the finances wisely. However, promotions and advertisements do not come for free. Hence choosing organic methods to create brand awareness is better than paying for ads.

SEO agencies use Google My Business tools to create alertness for startups or businesses. GMB allows registering for free and requires minimal effort in maintenance.

It Gives the First Impression

Anyone searching for an “SEO agency Delhi” would first come across a list of SEO agencies in Delhi. This list appears because these agencies have listed themselves on GMB and specified their location as “Delhi”. Thus, it provides the very first impression for the users.

It is essential to list every detail one requires to spread out for promotions on Google My Business. For example, location, reviews, ratings, contact details, and relevant images.

GMB Improves Local SEO

A person residing in Delhi NCR would speak to the voice search option instead of typing “SEO agency near me”. Thus updating the business profile with relevant information would increase the chance to appear on the local search result.

This works far better than incorporating the near me phrase in one’s web content.

Once the profile is created, it is essential to keep it updated with new information like open hours, cost, and ratings. This strategy legitimizes the business and improves local SEO.

Allows People to Review

A customer review is valuable while considering SERP rankings. Because new visitors generally consider reviews before making any purchase.

Thus, it is essential to use Google My Business listing to make it easier for the customers to leave positive feedback.

Determines Local Ranking

Google determines local ranking based on three primary factors; relevance, prominence and distance. A perfect combination of these factors would only allow the business to rank on local SERP, including Maps.

To rank higher, it is required to provide accurate information on GMB about the business or startup. This includes location and contact details, relevant images of products and services, user reviews, and ratings.

If the information provided is not up-to-date, accurate or engaging, a company might not be visible on the SERP even after registering. This is why even small businesses need to hire an SEO services provider for professional assistance in bringing in more traffic.


As a small startup, it is necessary to be very careful about creating local awareness. And the best way to do so is by using Google My Business for listing the business profile.

A professional SEO agency in Delhi NCR understands how advantageous a listing on GMB is, which is why its experts would always create one for their clients.

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