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5 Link Building Strategies That an Agency Providing Affordable SEO Services in Delhi Follows

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Backlinks to a website indicate the information on that particular webpage or blog is highly trustworthy, helpful, and essential. Having more backlinks is a valuable ranking factor for Google. It signals to the search engine that the contents of that website are beneficial for users.

Therefore, companies that provide affordable SEO services in Delhi follow the 5 strategies shown below to get more backlinks for their clients.

1. Guest Posting Strategically

Creating guest blogs is an old but effective strategy to gain more backlinks from a website.
However, SEO agencies are always cautious about whether the niches of host websites match with clients' websites, otherwise, they may inadvertently increase the bounce rate.

Strategic guest blogging refers to publishing a unique article relevant to both host and guest websites.

Using this strategy, professionals get two benefits:

a. Generate new users for clients' websites
b. Get quality backlinks

In this way, providers of affordable SEO services in Delhi ensure that one can get the maximum benefit from guest posts.

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2. Publishing Infographics

Adding infographics is another effective strategy for building quality organic links. As per Venngage, it generates 178% more leads than usual articles. Moreover, it can communicate data and concepts effectively.

When other website owners use those infographics for their articles, they put a backlink with the URL of that infographics. As a result, it draws new traffic without writing any separate guest blog.

Thus, the SEO companies use this link-building strategy to help their clients' websites outperform their competitors.

3. Getting Resource Links from High Authority Websites

Resource pages are web pages with a list of websites from a particular niche. A website generally creates this type of page to guide users to find useful websites.
SEO professionals search resource pages with niches similar to their clients.

After that, they send requests to resource page owners to put their clients' websites as references on their web pages. Clients' websites get backlinks from those resource pages if the recommendations are accepted.

Furthermore, SEOexperts can generate more traffic with the backlinks from a resource page like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, Copyblogger etc.

4. Replacing Broken Links Within Client's Websites

In this strategy, SEO agencies first make deliberate efforts to find relevant pages or blogs with dead links. To make it easier, they can use several online paid tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Screaming Frog etc., to find out the broken links.

After this, agencies suggest those website owners about the appropriate replacement, which is obviously their clients' websites. They generally accept those suggestions because dead links affect user experience and reduce page authority.

In this way, clients increase their websites' backlinks with the help of these affordable SEO services, Delhi.

5. HARO or Helping a Reporter

This is a new method to get a backlink from high authority press journals, such as Wall Street, Time, New York Times, etc. As its name suggests, the main target of this strategy is to help reporters create news content.

When experts create a "source" account on the Haro website, they get emails thrice a day about the topics required by a reporter. If the issues are within their clients' niche, these professionals connect and address that reporter's queries. Thus, it might help get high-quality backlinks in a news report for clients.

In this way, following these five strategies, a company providing affordable SEO services in Delhi can generate good backlinks for their clients.

Following these pointers will create more traffic to clients' websites and, thus, improve its overall authority.

Moreover, an increase in quality backlinks sends positive signals to Google and helps the websites to rank higher.

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