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Why is gatsby page not google indexed ?

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It's been several months now and only the home page is indexed despite many entries. What is the reason that the pages on website does not want to be indexed? I do not have this problem with hugo

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Hossein Rahimi • Edited

Hi there.
Well, it's hard to tell why without any other information.
Are you sure you didn't add or copy/paste any piece of code that makes your pages no-indexed?
Like adding the robots.txt file?
And also, are you using Gatsby's Link component for navigating between your pages?

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e-leag Author

Thanks for the feedback. I did not add anything from myself, even robot.txt. I use a pure gatsby theme Do I have to add additional components to be well indexed? The site has pagination, isn't that enough?

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Did you submit the sitemap to the google search console?

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if you did, look in the coverage tab of the search console and look at the indexing errors.