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Hello! Front-end dev trying to get a junior or entry position. I just spent a lot of time redoing my portfolio site and would LOVE feedback that might help me get my foot in the door.

Thank you!


Hey! I love the picture, so many great colors! I would try to use more of those in your site. I would also try to get all of the information above the fold, so that people don't have to scroll, they can just click from section to section! I would also use a very dark grey instead of the black, so that the white text bounces less. I would also use dark grey text on the lavender, the white is a little tricky to read! I would increase the size of your text on your bio so that it's easy to read. I would also put the bio next to the image so that everything fits above the fold! I would add some space so that there isn't the white space on your 'work' page on smaller screens.

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