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How do I learn Web Development

I just started learning web development a month ago, I started with an outdated course from 2015 , Web Dev Bootcamp by Colt Steele,
I knew it was outdated but proceeded anyways because I loved his teaching style.( I did learn c++ , Java a little, in high school with no real practical application) but that still helped me while learning javaScript concepts.
Now I've completed the course and learned mongo , node , express, bootstrap and a few other concepts.
Difficulties I'm facing.

  • The course is outdated, The concepts I learnt are pre-ES6.
  • I haven't really got much practice.

So should I practice making applications with the concepts I've learnt or should I learn the newer concepts and syntax first.
What are the important concepts I should focus on?
Will these courses be a step in the right direction?
Are there any books/tutorials that would be helpful for me??

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This Dot Media • Edited

Agree with all the other responses! Free Code Camp is an incredible resource for those just starting out. It's beginner-friendly and very well structured. Once you've gotten the hang of things, we (@thisdotmedia) also have articles, videos, live trainings, and more that might interest you 😊 All in all, really happy you've joined the dev community. Congrats on beginning your journey and best of luck with everything! 👊🏻

Direct link to all our free resources :

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Daniel Medina

Hello essheck,

I would recommend focusing on the fundamentals of the JavaScript language including the new ES6 syntax. It is widely prevalent and is requirement for newer technologies like Vue, React, TypeScript, etc...

In terms of learning resources, here is a small list to help you get started:

freeCodeCamp - in-depth free curriculum for JavaScript with the recent addition of a Python track.

I would also highly recommend the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel at:

Their channel has a large selection of free videos on a wide variety of topics. Their channel is my go-to resource.

Coding Train - taught by Daniel Shiffman, he regularly creates free JavaScript tutorial videos at:

Personally, I prefer videos over books for learning programming as I find it much more engaging.

I hope that these can get you started. Best of luck on your journey into Web Development!

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essheck • Edited

Thank you all for the suggestions , Im already hooked on freeCodeCamp as per you advice. Will update my progress soon!

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Abod Micheal (he/him)

Free code camp is the best choice or traversy media, I'm still putting up a JS Dom crash course but if you need any help, you can call on us, m also a js and react developer