An omni-channel ticketing booth

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What I built: The easiest way to get your tickets from email to whatsapp feat twilio & sendgrid 💕

Category Submission: Engaging Engagements 🔗

Demo Link: (Awaiting whatsapp sender verification for a live demo 😥)

Link to Code: https://github.com/estatheo/TicketBooth

How it's made?

The best products are made of simple ingredients. As professor Utonium once said:
Sugar (Twilio), Spice (Sendgrid) and everything nice (C#, dotnet core, Azure, ngrok aaaand quarantine) its all it takes to make the perfect mix. A very easy integration between email and WhatsApp 🎉

Additional Resources/Info

The solution can be run locally with an ngrok tunnel, or deployed to azure. It requires a twilio, sendgrid and azure account. It can be run with the WhatsApp sandbox or with a verified sender.

The story

We are Mehdi & Theo, and together we are brightcast.io. We love twilio and we wanted to contribute our small part, to this nice hackaton. One of our clients had this very real problem of engaging better with a younger audience, and something that they tried in the past was reaching their users on whatsapp.
So what we are proposing, is a little hack, that also has real world value, a simple integration between email and whatsapp.

Most of the ticketing systems nowadays will send your (e-)ticket via email, and very few will utilize alternative channels. Here is your Whatsapp TicketingBooth.

How it works:

  • On the provider side, nothing changes, they won't require any api integrations or such, just resend the same ticket email with the phone number in the object field
  • On the user side, they will still receive the ticket via email (if the provider wants) but the added benefit is that they will have it delivered also via whatsapp (did you know that whatsapp open rate is 98% vs email 17.80%?)

Step-by-step guide

  1. Clone the repo @ https://github.com/estatheo/TicketBooth 👩‍💻

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  1. Follow the readme instructions and run the project (remember ngork if running locally) 👩‍🏫

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  1. Send the ticket to the ticketing email 📧

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  1. Check the end result! 🎉🎉🎉

Hope you enjoyed it, we're here for any queries regarding the hack or more! #twiliohackaton

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