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Observing Great Leadership in Tech

Amazing things are being accomplished by Tech company leaders such as Tracy Lee, Anil Dash, and Nat Friedman.

Tracy Lee is the leader behind This Dot Labs, a mentoring, training, consulting, and apprenticeship company for web developers. She is a core part of Node.js Developer Relations and is a great part of the developer community.

Anil Dash is the leader behind Glitch, a simple tool for creating web apps with a friendly, creative community. He recently posted about Glitch's 2018/2019 successes which is worth a read. Anil consistently shares his thoughts, learnings, and actions surrounding inclusive and ethical tech.

Nat Friedman has been leading GitHub since the acquisition by Microsoft. He has released many new features and is very active with the GitHub developer community. I was lucky enough to chat with him about his success and some of his leadership values. In this phone call I learned about the value of momentum and how he has attributed this to the recent success of GitHub.

What are some other leaders in our tech community we should be paying attention to?

I am especially looking for leaders from under-represented groups and leaders that are improving the community through inclusion and impactful actions.

If you aren't already I would recommend following the leaders I listed above so you can learn from them too!

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