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Meet the Building the Next Digital World Hackathon Winner

The Building the Next Digital World Hackathon (also the Hacktober festival) has come to an end. The theme for the hackathon was about projects that focus on helping people during this difficult time and beyond. We encouraged all kinds of builders to join us and create a reciprocal world, with the power of blockchain technology.

Builders from countries across Asia and Europe coming together to launch something innovative or create unique solutions for real-life problems. We were truly impressed with all of the projects that came out of this hackathon.

Now it’s time to announce the winners!

🏆 Most Social Value: Intoo TV

P2P live streaming platform powered by the blockchain
We often see YouTube or Facebook users being judged on their content by the company itself. That’s why we need decentralized alternatives. If you’re familiar with Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook Live, you’re no stranger to Intoo TV. Unlike the centralized platforms, Intoo TV is an Ethereum-based live streaming platform that allows you to design, share, and monetize your real-life experiences — you can literally earn ETH every time you go live.

“Love the handsome idea that can already be implemented and offer a social aspect we all need in times of pandemic,” our judge said in the comment.

🏆 Most Potential: VerityNet

Fairness apps and architectures for DeFi
In many ways, 2020 is the year of DeFi (or shall we say DeFi-ned or DeFi’ed the year?). VerityNet is trying to solve the problem in the decentralized financial world by building fairness apps and architectures with the help of Aave, zkSnark, zkRollups, and Chainlink Oracle. People can use VerityNet to verify whether the loans are tokenized based on valid proofs, and much more. Also, people can swap between NFT collateral backed loans and fungible collateral backed loans in a seamless manner on VerityNet.

VerityNet is currently on Matic testnet and we can’t wait to see it go live on the mainnet.

🏆 Best Speculative Design: XPLOR

A user-owned satellite with a crypto twist
As a satellite-as-a-service platform, XPLOR empowers a community of people to create satellites or gathering accurate weather data from higher altitudes where users can get precise weather data and be able to forecast weather.

Here’s how it works: With the help of XPLOR app and a relatively small cost (around 0.04 ETH as of October 22), you can launch your personal satellite and monitor weather data. You can also choose to make the weather data public or private.

Huge thanks to all of you who signed up, crafted ideas, built the projects, and embraced the challenges during the 47 days hackathon, you are incredible💪

See you next year!

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