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Discussion on: We Should All Be Writing WET Code

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Etienne Burdet

I agree that anticipating factoring too much can lead to bloat. I think some of us also just have bias for the puzzle part of refactoring things 😝

That being said, refactoring (thus DRYing), is better done early. DRYing a project once it's done and/or you forget about everything, will lead to debugging hell. There a reason why people have gone mad on DRY code. But it's all down to common sense and the fact DRY is a tool, not a goal. Clean and readable code is.

In FP, I really don't mind having a few small functions that are only slightly different and easy to duplicate if you need a new one. A simple cmd+D might be enough to update all of them. In OOP, I don't mind having the same method on multiple classes, because I might want to explicitely change each of them, since they refer to different objects.

Really, if you focus on your code being elegant and readable, DRY will be one of your best tool, almost without thinking about it. Over DRYing should pretty easy to avoid—and quite rare, since it is a pretty painful task in the first place.