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A Must-Have Tool For Developers.

ASDF => Is A CLI - Command Line Interface tool That allow us to manage multiple runtime versions of a language packages and plugins.

Once you install asdf and set it up with the shell configuration, some plugins are installed to help us manage multiples tools.

A cool Feature of asdf is that all the tool version definitions are managed and contained in one single file named .tool-versions. That you can add to a project file directory and check it in to the project Git Repository to ensure everyone is using the same tool version.

Using Existing Tool Version Files - "Copied from The Docs"

asdf supports the migration from existing version files from other version managers. Eg: .ruby-version for the case of rbenv. This is supported on a per-plugin basis.

asdf-nodejs supports this via both .nvmrc and .node-version files. To enable this, add the following to your asdf configuration file $HOME/.asdfrc:

legacy_version_file = yes
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See the configuration reference page for more config options.

This mean that if we have old projects we are currently working on we do not need to add the .tool-versions file to our project, the tool will automatically read and detect current versions files from the project.

Link to All The Commands

Make sure To ⭐️ the Project on GitHub and contribute if you can.

Ballad of asdf => Ballad is a Poem of asdf Copied from the readme on GitHub.

Once upon a time there was a programming language

There were many versions of it

So people wrote a version manager for it

To switch between versions for projects

Different, old, new.

Then there came more programming languages

So there came more version managers

And many commands for them

I installed a lot of them

I learnt a lot of commands

Then I said, just one more version manager

Which I will write instead

So, there came another version manager

asdf version manager -

A version manager so extendable

for which anyone can create a plugin

To support their favourite language

No more installing more version managers

Or learning more commands

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