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Hi, everyone! My employer, Algorand, has open job postings of many kinds. I'm not here in an official capacity, rather I'm just a new engineer there and I know they have other roles open. So, I recommend checking out the hiring page at for the most accurate and up to date information. I'll take a whack at filling out the recommended template, too:

Algorand | Senior DevOps Engineer, Algorithm Researcher (All Levels), Software Engineers (All Levels), Cryptography Engineer, Cryptography Research Engineer, Senior Financial Software Engineer, Programming Language Researchers (All Levels), Executive Assistant | Boston, MA | Remote possible sometimes, I think | Salary Range: Various | Sponsor visa? I'm not sure, check specific job postings

About the company — Algorand is a cryptocurrency platform and a company in Boston.

About the role(s) — Various

Do you sponsor visas? I'm not sure.

How to Apply — The landing page at has a link to each of the postings themselves and more details for applying. Basically, you send an email and resume to careers at algorand.

Thanks, everyone! I'm happy and excited to join the community, I hope this first contribution is helpful.

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