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Have you used Netlify for real client projects?

Quite the interesting discussion going on here. I was curious...

CSS Tricks to Create that Dark Futuristic Web3 Look

Asking in Spanish looking for an answer is kinda counterintui...

You don’t need React for building websites

"I had a few attempts to learn it, but I failed every time. I...

Productivity with styled-components

...that's it?

10 Javascript Very Basic Interview Questions You Should Know

Pretty sure these are too basic for an interview.

JavaScript Modules

I think you forgot to mention that vanilla JS doesn't support...

Nobody is working for 8 hours a day, Why?

Offline mode is paying off 😂

Nobody is working for 8 hours a day, Why?

This rings true so many times. Sometimes I get stuck on a pro...

Ten Tips for Becoming an Elite Developer

Mate, I was about to go bazooka on your ass until I read #4 😂

Non-binary developer here!


Replacing master with main in Github

Main Yoda apparently.

Github is replacing the word master to avoid slavery references. Deal with it.

I understand the change from master to main is going to throw...

TypeScript in a Weekend: A Crash Course

Good intro, but you have many typos in your code snippets.

Automating git push with just a single bash command

Yeah, I see your point. The way I see it, even setting up ali...

10 Practical JavaScript Tricks

Plus, at this point, all there is to read here is top-10 list...

Automating git push with just a single bash command

That's a better approach.

How to create pure CSS illustrations and animate them - Part 2

Hey Agathe, great walkthrough. One thing: In the blinker anim...

Full CSS animations guide which allows you to build amazing websites

you could also do it like so, instead of typing out percent...

Gatsby vs Next.JS - What, Why and When?

Oh look, it's countryside coder <3

Updating react nested state properties

This is spot on. I am new to React and I tried doing it lik...

Pull to refresh animation with Vanilla JavaScript

Is it really ok to self-close divs like that?

Should You Listen to Music While Programming?

Our God: lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to

Best productivity tools for your dev life

There are definitely tons of amazing product out there for ...