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OpenSource consent and privacy backend: Speed-up your personal data and health data apps development

At Pryv, our ultimate purpose is to remove barriers to manage personal data, consent and privacy, rightly.

In June 2020, we released Open a free, full production, easy-to-install open-source solution for the collection and management of sensitive personal and health data.
“No more excuses: the Open offers developers a strong foundation to ensure that the personal data they collect are rightfully managed from day 1.”


What problem does solve?

Today, personal data and digital health apps are becoming an indispensable tool of our society. Yet, because they tend to rely on the important collection of personal and health sensitive information, the concerns around their respect to privacy are at preeminent importance.

With, we provide any company with a tool that allows them to efficiently address the enhanced citizen’s rights to privacy, data protection regulations, as well as consent and data management. Our goal is to empower developers so they can rapidly create and scale breakthrough, GDPR, and privacy compliant products and services.

Simply explained, is a ready-to-use middleware for personal data and consent management. Used as a solid foundation, it allows companies and development teams to build their own personal data & digital health solution, so they can efficiently collect, store, share and rightfully use personal data.

How it works is a ready-to-use solution that:

  • Helps companies efficiently manage personal data from their creation to their storage, from their sharing to their deletion.
  • Guarantees compliance with existing and forthcoming regulations
  • Speeds up time to market and reduces development costs and risks.

Once deployed onto your system, it will provide you with a virtual manager for consent, so you can efficiently manage access permissions of multiple accounts. For each consent that a user gives you, you will have the related accesses stored, and be able to easily retrieve them so you have a clear picture of who can access which data.

Moreover, data pooling, data aggregation, consent management, and data interoperability are among the best’s capabilities. Its data model is precisely designed to aggregate and distribute multiple sources of information. The API allows you to easily collect and store any type of personal data.

With its embedded audit system, you will also know the exact time when a user gave you his consent. This will allow you to not only calculate the right retention time for the data, but also prove that your users’ rights were respected and executed rightly.

When the time is right, you can also use’s capability for data deletion to execute your users’ rights and ensure that all no-more-necessary data has been deleted. You can read more on how can help you rightfully manage your organization’s entire personal data lifecycle.

Why open-source?

Privacy as a norm: We envision a world where privacy is the ability to share your data with awareness and control.

Open urges to build a world where privacy is the norm – not the exception as it is today.

As developer productivity has become a competitive necessity, the ready-to-use Open is marking a turning point to de-complexify the development of personal data and digital health applications.

“Releasing our core software in open-source today is a natural move for us. From day one, was built to be open-sourced” says Pierre-Mikael Legris, CEO and co-founder of Pryv SA.

“Open sourcing our code is doing the right thing – for the community, for our clients, and for Pryv. We should have done it much earlier.” adds Simon Goumaz, Co-Founder and Board Member at Pryv SA.

Open : Fast, agile and reliable personal data & consent management solution, at no cost.#What solutions can you develop with

While was built first and foremost to faster and enhance digital health innovations, it can actually be used for any personal data collecting App.

As an inspiration, we share some of the digital health applications that have been developed by using


Check out our short video tutorials to help you get started with in no time.

Pryv Youtube videos

Your feedback matters.

We listen. Carefully. So we are calling you as a developer of a personal data-based app, sharing your feedback and further needs.

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Evelina & Stephanie @ Pryv

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