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Top 7 Globally Trusted RPA Service Providers

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is the latest addition to the topic of automation in recent years. The emergence of AI, Machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) around the 1950s and 60s, lit the wave for automation. With the screen scraping software in the 1990s, workflow automation software, big data, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2000, the possibility to further automate the business process widened.

"Automation technologies like RPA will outgrow with nearly $6.7 trillion by 2025, becoming the second-largest technology impacting the economy."

Source: McKinsey and Company report on emerging and disruptive technologies.

RPA implementation enables Enterprise businesses to sustain by allowing a system or a robot to emulate and integrate the actions of human interaction within the data-driven digital systems resulting in the execution of a process.

A small brief on Popularly used RPA tools:

RPA is an application of technology, combining the business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating any business processes. To implement this process, automation businesses require adequate tools. Some popular RPA tools include:

UiPath: An intuitive, high-precision robotic automation process platform aids business analysts and administrators to automate their process.

Blue Prism: An application that can run on-premises and Cloud via AWS connects enterprise technologies like AI, ML.

Automation Anywhere: The automation anywhere enterprise allows companies to develop smart bots for different tasks.

The top 7 most trusted RPA service providers:

Implementing RPA enables the business to progress better both at operational and scalability-wise. With many players in the market coming with RPA solutions, here is your handbook on the seven world's most trusted top RPA service providers.

CONTUS - A Remarkable RPA service provider

CONTUS Robotic Process Automation is one of the leading digital innovations and RPA service providers in India in the market, enabling a business to automate with RPA solutions. CONTUS is a top RPA solution provider offering customizable and tailor-made automation to empower business. ERP Automation from CONTUS acts as a pillar in strengthening the back-office system of a company.

Location: India (Chennai), United States

Highlights of CONTUS Robotic Process Automation:

  • Suitable to implement across multiple industries like manufacturing, healthcare, Utilities & Energy, Banking & Finance.

  • Offers scalable RPA Solutions with the best-in-world RPA tools like Blue Prism, NICE, Ui Path, Automation Anywhere, and ensures improving productivity.

Accenture - A robust RPA Solution

Accenture BPS is one of the Robotic Process Automation service providers, rendering RPA development services for mainly BPO related services and operations. Reinventing the business process outsourcing with intelligence and by combining their human-machine engine SynOp, they remodel the business to deliver convincing experiences.

Location: North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Highlights of Accenture BPS:

  • Applicable for sectors including Sourcing and procurement, banking, capital markets, supply chains, and insurances.

  • Runs on all existing IT infrastructure and requires no major transformation.

Capgemini - RPA Solutions for ERP & back-office

Capgemini RPA service offers the industry's best RPA for your ERP and back-office system, unlocking the key values in existing ERP. Focusing on better outcomes, Capgemini is constantly investing in advanced tools to augment business services.

Location: Africa, Americas, Europe, Middle East.

Highlights of Capgemini RPA Solutions:

  • Unlocked the value for a wide range of organizations globally in areas including Automated formatting, UI manipulation, Workflow acceleration, and Currency/Exchange rate processing.

  • RPA combines with UiPath to deliver higher business outcomes with no significant IT involved.

MPHASIS - Empowering automation in data-centric offices

Adopting the best-in-class RPA software and paradigms, MPHASIS Robotic Process Automation services aim at automating a wide range of structured data.

Location: Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Oceania

Highlights of MPHASIS RPA Services:

  • They partner with the top RPA technology vendor to provide the best-in-class solution.

  • Non-invasive, easy to integrate with an enterprise IT infrastructure.

Hexaware - The process automation for smarter operations

Hexaware's core theme of "Automate Everything" speaks volumes on how they offer RPA solutions at its best. Hexaware Intelligent RPA (HIPAS) focuses on creating a driving process that improves productivity and achieves proficiency.

Location: America

Highlights of Hexaware Intelligent RPA (HIPAS):

  • Automation advisory encapsulating an end-to-end implementation model.

  • Their tool-based process assessment and discovery are possible through a partnership with leading products such as Celonis, Process Gold, and Kryon.

Atos - Transforming the financial Service Process

Atos core digital transformation company and one of the RPA solution providers who aim at enabling the financial services segment to reinvent their business by reducing the back-office cost and investing the front-office more appropriately.

Location: France

Highlights of Atos RPA Solution:

  • Atos offers automation strategy and process assessment, follows the CoE approach.

  • Provides the RPA platform as a service, allowing payment per virtual worker.

Mindfields - Leading RPA Consultant & execution specialist

Mindfields is a leading RPA consulting Service and Artificial Intelligence advisory firm, offering strategy services to CXO level executives across all verticals on emerging and disruptive technologies.

Location: Australia

Highlights of Mindfields RPA Solutions:

  • Development of end-to-end RPA roadmaps.

  • Defining & formalizing RPA governance & change management frameworks.

The above list of the market’s leading best RPA service providers is based on the expertise, client base, and reviews.


The Digital industrialization era is in its next phase with the automation of the business process. Restructuring the business and automating the workflow process is the optimal method to ensure a company survives and succeeds. When process control forms the artery of the digital enterprise, the RPA Service providers blend in as the veins.

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