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Best Attractive features of Laravel PHP Framework

Good developers like to do mix of creative and common tasks in less time without losing quality of the work.

And here comes web frameworks in picture to solve common tasks with the aim to focus faster on own application logic (creative tasks).

And needless to say, having support of a large community and perfect documentation are the most acknowledged features.

Laravel is one of those web frameworks that is scalable and helping developers to create flexible and error-free database with a timely and cost-effective software delivery.

What developers love about it?

Laravel allows developers to produce or create an API with a REST assortment, when it comes to RESTFul controlling, without any effort to put any additional time and exertion.

Laravel developers don’t have to share or make changes in the database mapping of the application without any error, complex code or difficulty. Because Laravel has offered its developers with great database skeptic relocation’s highlight to the developers, and apart from its package, it doesn’t demand any sort of database scheme development.

Most noticeable point is Laravel Developers can easily empower the modules into the separate task with the package itself. Laravel executed and planned according to whatever a developer demands.

Apart from seeing its work with seclusive highlights, one can also see that the syntax pattern of this framework is expressive and elegant.

Laravel has been ideal for developers who want to build B2B or enterprise websites that will evolve with changing web trends.

With the continuous updates & features, Laravel is getting more powerful day-by-day.

1 Tool Integration

There are times when certain functionalities and features affect the site performance. Speed of a web app is one of the most crucial things that influence user experience, conversion rate or SEO.

To make things easier for the developers to enhance the web app performance with speedy experience, Laravel helps its developers with Redis and Memcached out-of-the-box support, the popular cache back-ends.

And to improve a web application performance, integration with so-called caching backend is often one of the main steps taken.

2 Blade Templating Engine

This .blade.php file extension helps Hire Laravel Developer to get and change a clean and customizable layout of their web page without any hassle.
It helps in adding awesome web layouts, re-using or splitting the templates, getting the code completed using fewer characters and organizing the view file in a hierarchical and logical way as per the requirements and that too in a cleaner way!

Most surprising thing is it even enables a novice front-end developer to use this feature of ‘template engine’ for any kind of web application project based on the popular PHP framework.

3 High Security Migration System

Developers all over the world face the situation of numerous cyber attacks taking place as security vulnerabilities go hand-in-hand with the development of any web application, including cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and more as the most vital web app security vulnerabilities.

Laravel handles such security issues within its own framework as it uses predefined SQL to stay far from injection attacks and never saves password on plain text, rather it creates an encrypted password through “Bcrypt Hashing Algorithm”, thus providing high-class security. 

4 Monolog Logging Library

A user may decide that the issue is in the app and move away from it forever due to the absence of proper error handling that further have a huge impact on app’s usability and user satisfaction.

Data-entry forms are one of the most common places where errors are presented and identified after users click a Submit Button and if something goes wrong then the suitable reason or a pop-up should be notified about it in the convenient form.

Laravel provides support for a variety of powerful log handlers and is considered at its best in error handling because it is integrated with the Monolog logging library.

5 PHPUnit Testing

The reason behind many developers falling for Laravel is its excellent way of unit-testing.

Automation testing is more exact compared to the manual one, less time consuming and helps the developer in eliminating the errors, bugs, glitches, etc. that in adherence to the initial app requirements.

As after every web development, verifying and testing are considered as the most crucial steps in the process.

Without testing, no one can make sure that the application is free from such errors.

Laravel support the testing with PHPUnit with its file extension a phpunit.xml file as it also supports unit testing that ensures there are no exceptions or bugs in your web application before it goes live.

Apart from this the developers can easily write the unit-tests in their own code.

6 Mail Service

Laravel provides a clean and simple API over the famous SwiftMailer library that is used to send clean and simple notification to emails of users after different events and Laravel provides support for sending notifications across various delivery channels, including Slack and SMS (via Nexmo).

Laravel helps in an application to quickly get started sending mail through a cloud-based or local service because of its drivers for PHP's ‘mail’ function, and ‘sendmail’, Amazon SES, SparkPost and SMTP.

We know that it seems difficult to imagine an app that lacks any email notification to a new user regarding their successful registration on a site,

7 URL Routing Configuration

An error page or blank page on your website or web application can cost you a huge customer base as most of the customers or users never return to a blank page.

Laravel provides a very expressive and simple method of defining routes as the most basic Laravel routes simply accept a Closure and a URI defined in the app/Http/routes.php file. Thus, providing the flexibility to its developers to choose which route is triggered on the application. 

We can’t define Laravel in a particular feature as it’s a bundle of features. Developers are finding this framework way more easier like everything just fell into place because it just make sense.

With active user community, this framework is inspiring clean, extremely readable code because the beauty of Laravel is in the code it produces. Developers are in love with the fun process of building a Laravel application within a few minutes. Laravel, being supported by Facebook HHMV, is holding number one position in every other list and has been a topic for many developers and analysts with hours-long discussion.

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