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re: Damnn super slick. The animations are super well-done. I'd say the width on Projects and Contributions and Writings should have a max-width, as it...

Hey Ben!!
Thanks a ton for stopping by! And the animations on your portfolio is waaaay sleeker, haha! :D

The Projects and Contributions and Writings does have a max-width, but I should probably decrease the amount of it.

And about text content, I just went through them some moments ago and found a ton of typo and grammatical errors -_- I'm planning on redoing them. I'll be briefer this time. :)
Lastly, you're absolutely right about Writings color. It doesn't look as deep on my laptop screen. But I tried it on my mobile and eww! My eyes still hurt!

Thank you so so much for taking your time and for the feedback. I really appreciate it. :)

*Sidenote: I'm having some issues regarding my dev profile and I need your help. I've sent you a text on Twitter about it. Not sure where is the right place to talk about it, but can you please check? :) *

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