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How to use VanHack to get a job abroad

This text was initially published on my LinkedIn, but I would like to share it here too (and now in English).

Like many people in the technology field, I also dream of working for a foreign company and eventually moving to another country. This was a dream that has always been present in my mind and over the years I have searched for new ways and resources to achieve it. One of the tools that captivated me the most was VanHack, both for the attention they have with the candidates and for the diversity of resources they offer on the platform.

Here are some of the reasons why I think VanHack is a great resource for those who want an international career:

  • All job openings available on the platform are from companies that are willing to help with obtaining a visa and the applicant's relocation costs;
  • Having a profile on the platform and applying for any opening is ✨ free ✨;
  • VanHack itself offers enormous support with the bureaucratic part of the relocation;
  • In addition to making job openings available, the platform holds several hiring events throughout the year. In September there was a specific for women and last month, November 2020, there was a specific for Devops;
  • There is a lot of content on the platform to help candidates improve their profile and prepare for interviews. A portion is only available to premium users, but for some periods all of their content is open to all users;
  • There is a slack workspace where you can receive notifications of new openings and interact with people from Vanhack and candidates from around the world, in addition to a workspace exclusive for women to interact and improve within the platform.
  • VanHack Premium Academy offers classes covering everything you need to stand out in interviews, such as English and mock interviews, as well as a profile review tool, to determine points that can be improved and increase your chances of being hired.

Pretty cool right?

How to have a more appealing profile for companies

Example of profile on the site
When creating a profile, you have the possibility to take an English test and a code test. The English test is mandatory for your profile to be considered for any job openings and you can retake it as many times as you want. Code test is not mandatory, but having a good grade can be a plus.

About the code test, do you want to know one more cool thing? There are several programming languages ​​that can be chosen and your grade is not displayed in your profile unless it is greater than 7! So you can retake it as many times as you want without being afraid of the company seeing that you got a 5 on the Javascript test and possibly not hiring you for it.

In addition to the English and code tests, it is important to complete your profile, adding all the necessary information, a link to your resume and a good profile photo.

And you, a junior, do you have any chance?

While most openings are for senior developers, there are sporadic ones for developers with less experience. If you are a junior and already know that you want to have a career outside of where you live right now, there is a lot of value in being present on a platform where you can continuously learn and develop skills in the direction you want to go.

I'm pretty much a junior developer, with less than a year of formal experience in the job market, but I'm there with my active and updated profile, participating in all the events that I can and constantly learning new things that bring me closer to achieving a job offer.

And finally

That was all I had to say about the platform in this article. I really like VanHack a lot and I would like to spread the word so that more people (especially women) can take a few more steps towards the future that they always dreamed of.

If you are interested and want to chat a bit about it, you can contact me and I will love to talk to you. If you are interested and will create a profile, just click on the link at the beginning of the text or here.

This text is a partnership with VanHack, I was noticed (that's Brazilian slang, sorry for that) hahaha. Creating your profile from the links in this publication you help me strengthen this partnership and will support your favorite content producer <3

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