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Fabrício Masiero
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WWDC or AltConf?

Moscone Center at WWDC 2016 San Francisco

First of all, I would like to introduce myself, I am Fabrício Masiero, I have been working with iOS for over 8 years and today I lead a team in the largest education company in Brazil.

Why is presentation important? Because it can help you choose the ideal event. I will explain it throughout the text.

Every iOS Developer dreams of going to one of these events and I will share my experiences in each one.
My first event was in 2016, the last year at the Moscone Center — San Francisco. I went to AltConf alone, knowing nothing and nobody. The event itself was not as famous as it is today, the talks took place inside a cinema, they had limited space and little infrastructure. It was amazing, I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people.

The following year, I went with a friend. He went to WWDC and I went to AltConf. It was in that year that I understood what were the differences between the events, even though I had never participated in WWDC until then.

In those years, I had autonomy and the possibility to use in practice everything I learned in the events

In 2018, my company sponsored WWDC. I felt the chill in my belly again when I first went to AltConf. I did everything that a first-time dub needs to do: catch queues, wake up early for the keynote and choose all the talks he was interested in advance.
I learned a lot, I met a lot of people (including Tim) and it was totally incredible.

Me and Tim Cook =D

Okay, now I need to put what I learned into practice… But can you put it all into production? Can you use all the news I learned, day by day? Even more, referring to Brazilian users who do not always update at the same speed as Apple products are launched.

No, unfortunately not. Many of the novelties depend on something. Whether iOS updated, or device or any other reason.

WWDC is awesome! Able to bring some indescribable feeling to be there, see everything I saw on Apple LiveStream and learn all these new technologies.

AltConf is awesome too! Able to introduce you to great programming talents, such as the creator of Alamofire or Fastlane. The good thing about Alt’s talks is that the content is more palpable, the speakers show everyday examples, develop frameworks that make the developer’s life easier for today.

This year, 2019, I’m going to AltConf again. This time the company was unable to sponsor and I am going on my own at Alt. I particularly liked WWDC, because that is my profile.
I have a great friend who was also in both and he prefers AltConf a thousand times. In 2018 he was even one of the invited speakers.

The question is simple, participate in both. These are incredible events, but each one has a different focus.

Have fun with your fellas =D

Never been to any event? Go! You don’t have to go to WWDC (if money and lottery are impediments), just go to AltConf, meet people, feel what it’s like to be with that crowd that week. Worth every penny.

PS *: Join the parties and have fun

A hug

Fabrício Masiero

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