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Your New React Tour Guide

Before you read this post , please note that in order to take tour to React you need to have basic understanding of JavaScript, Html and Css.

Let's first start with What is React.

What is React?

React is JavaScript library for building complex User Interfaces.It was created by Jordan Walke in 2011 .You may have noticed I said it's library and not a framework. Well it's because React is not the ultimate solution for your problem. It gives you a solid base but to complete a whole application you may need help of other library or frameworks. Frameworks are great . It gives you ready made templates or codes which will help you a lot but for larger application frameworks become a burden programmers. This is programmers tends to work with library which give them freedom to modulate their code bases.

Why React?

So, you've been learning JavaScript for 2 months and life is great. Why wouldn't it be ? You can build so many cool apps with JavaScript and show it off with your friends. Now suddenly you have an amazing idea to build a E-commerce app. So you started looking for designs for inspiration and you've finally chosen one. You started Coding 👩‍💻 the logical parts. Suddenly you felt you are writing a lot of duplicate code. For example, your app has a section which contain 20 cards which will be similar in look and different in data.Ok no problem we can always start a foreach loop or map all the details right? Now you are seeing another section requires the same attention and by that time your code is already looking very ugly and not readable at all.

This is where React comes. The only purpose of React is to build User Interfaces. A User Interface is basically what we see in a website. You just have to tell React what do you want and it will do it for you. Specially for a application which has multiple pages to visit. Building a UI of a medium size application from scratch is not a optimal solution at all. React uses all Html , Css and JavaScript but in a React way . The React language is called JSX . We will describe about JSX in the next section.

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