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Useful SEO Tools to Try out in 2020

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has always been an important marketing strategy. However, recently it became more mandatory than simply optional. The main reason is that the online market became oversaturated and highly competitive.
There's still not an easy way to stand out in such a crowd but SEO can certainly help. That said, many companies use SEO in different ways. Some seek visibility while others are more focused on credibility. In any event, having a well-designed SEO strategy is simply a must nowadays.
After all, everything revolves around the online world, search engines and websites. Not having an optimized website means you're losing a lot of potential opportunities, not to mention losing customers or clients that couldn't see or find you. With that in mind, here are a few useful SEO tools you should try out in 2020.

Google Analytics
A free and certainly one of the most efficient tools to have, Google Analytics is provided by one of the best search engines today. The way this tool works is that it collects all sorts of data from your website and turns it into actionable information.
This information will help you understand your website's performance, as well as help you determine how to improve things if necessary. You can monitor bounce rate, page views, unique page views, average time spent on page and many more factors with Google Analytics. What's more, a lot of these Google products and tools are absolutely free.

Google Search Console
Previously known as Google webmasters tools, Google Search Console is yet another effective tool to have or at least try out.
This tool gives you all the technical information about your website, such as search traffic, search appearance, technical issues, crawl data and so on.
Just submit your website to the Google Search Console and let it crawl your website so that it can provide you with relevant information and data.

Consider the mother of all SEO tools – Ahrefs is certainly a tool worth trying out. It has an abundance of features for you to utilize for your SEO strategy.
It's a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool to which you can subscribe but the price is a bit through the roof. This is not without merit as Ahrefs provides you with various other tools, such as backing checker, keyword generator, broken link checker and many more.
However, you can try it out for a 7-day trial period that costs only $7. Needless to say, this tool has it all. You can check everything from domain ranking, keyword difficulty and keyword research to backlink profiles and much more.

Similar to Ahrefs, SEMRush is a digital marketing tool not solely focused on SEO. You can also analyze other strategies, such as social media and PPC (Pay Per Click) with this tool. It also comes with a lower price than Ahrefs and has a unique feature designed for conducting a competitive analysis SEO-wise.
As a matter of fact, you can compare domains, in order to have a look at your competitors' strategies, efforts, budget and other elements. This is ideal when you’re looking for a way to outrun your competition and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

This tool is ideal for gathering data from various strategies, metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). With this efficient SEO reporting tool, you can gather data through a well-designed dashboard and provide actionable insight to anyone who needs it.
Whether you're generating a report for yourself, your boss or your clients, Reportz can provide actionable and most importantly, understandable information regarding any marketing activity, especially SEO.

Similar Web
Another tool that's ideally suited for competitive analysis is Similar Web. It can give you actionable insight into a website and provide you with information, such as website traffic, total visits, page visits, total time spent on a page, bounce rate and so on.
Aside from that, it also shows geographical data, such as traffic sources, traffic by country, top referral sites, organic keywords and much more. There's a free and a premium version of this tool for you to try out.

Moz Pro
If you ever read any SEO articles, tutorials and tips, chances are that Moz is behind it all. They are a reputable name in the SEO industry and they've decided to create a tool for it. Moz Pro is a platform that will help you perfect your SEO strategies and optimize your efforts for the best results.
They have various features, such as site explorer, link explorer, keyword explorer, SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) analysis, keyword recommendation feature and many more.
This tool also gives recommendations on how to optimize your posts and where to make improvements. A useful toolbar for browsers is also included that will provide you with relevant data, such as domain and page authority. There's a 30-day free trial so don't hesitate to give it a try.

Yoast SEO
If you're running a WordPress-powered website than Yoast SEO is the tool you should try. It's more of a plug-in than a tool but you get the point. This plug-in is designed to help optimize WordPress websites and individual pages for SEO.
It will make recommendations for potential improvements for any aspect of your site ranging from optimizing posts to updating your XML site map. It can also help you tackle various issues, such as titles, slug, meta descriptions, and others, in order to ideally optimize any post.

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test
Another tool from Google that everyone should try out or have at their disposal, for that matter. As you already know, mobile traffic has long since surpassed that of desktop traffic and mobile-friendliness is one of the most important SEO ranking signals today.
Google's Mobile-Friendly Test will tell you whether your website is ready for mobile or not and why. If there's, indeed, an issue on your website that makes it unfriendly towards mobile users, this tool will tell you about it so that you can resolve any issues before your mobile visitors start hating your website.

Technology advances each year and every time there's either a new tool on the market or the old one got some serious improvements. Keeping an eye on such tools is imperative for your SEO strategy because, without reliable tools, your goals become much more difficult to achieve.

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