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A simple yet unique racing game

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Reverse Racing Game

I have collaborated with other cs, art, and musics students to create a 3D racing game where the main goal is to finish the race last using different strategies and unique items. Although the process wasn't smooth at all, I am really grateful to have the GitHub student pack which allowed us to use most of the tools for free. Feel free to check out the demo and repo linked below!

Demo Link

Link to Code

How we built it

While the arts and music students provided us the models, textures, and soundtrack. We, the cs students, used Unity3D and C# scripts to build our game from scratch.

We first envisioned our game to be a fast paced, high octane racing game. However, given that we need to build our custom physics, our game turned out to have a lot of unexpected physics behaviour. Therefore, we decided to change our theme to a funny, meme-ish game where we added some Fisher Price toy cars and cartoonish rockets to the game.

Our biggest challenge was of course the custom physics behaviour. In particular, we wanted our track walls to not introduce and friction, instead, the walls should accelerate the players when contact is made. This is because we do not want our players to constantly ram into walls and slow themselves down, which would defeat the purpose of making others go fast. Therefore, we started looking ways of using geometry to calculate the angles of such acceleration mentioned. However, the calculation turned out to be a bit harder than we expected. At the end, we came up with a satisfied solution of combing both built in physics and our custom one. For more details, please checkout our github repo!

Final Note

Finally, I would like to thank my teammates for such amazing experience. Although our game did not end up like what we first imagined, the process itself was rather satisfying. Go and try out our game!

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