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Enjoy your job with IA

Our lives are shaped by work, and we devote a third of our lives to it. Worldwide, there are billions of people working. It is a crucial component of our societies. But, with everything going on nowadays, we face more and more challenges that make our work more difficult.

Which are the current challenges?

A study from Gallup reports that 85% of the employees do not thrive at work. Why so many? Because 40% of them spend at least 25% of their workweek doing manual, repetitive tasks. Email, data collection, and data entry take up most of this time. Globally, only a third of the employees have access to Robotic Process Automation or IA apps or tools.

Companies have been focusing on customer experience for the past ten years. The "employee experience" has not been prioritized. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, companies that lead initiatives to improve employee experience are four times more profitable than those that do not. RPA or IA can be a tool to enhance the employee experience at work.

How does Covid-19 affect employee behavior?

COVID-19 has made it possible for most people to work remotely because of closings and quarantines. But many of us didn't know how to work remotely. We are affected by isolation, lack of support, various distractions, and anxiety due to this health crisis. This likely has influenced employee motivation, efficiency, work-life balance, and productivity, caused stress, and affected mental and physical health.

The economic downturn that COVID-19 has caused is putting more than one million people at risk of losing their jobs. The situation differs in each industry.

Intelligent Automation – the answer to almost any problem

These are the five significant levers that world leaders can use to build the future of work with IA:


IA allows us to identify better opportunities to reorganize our work and have a fulfilled personal life. We can take smartwatches as an example. IA provides personalized dashboards that monitor our work-life balance, reduce stress, and improve our professional behavior. IA can help you track your professional activities. It can suggest breaks on meetings or even recognize the repetitive tasks and recommend automaton for them.


IA can identify and automate large parts of routine and time-consuming tasks, giving us time to concentrate on activities that have higher added value and makes them more enjoyable. IA can create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or generate invoices in accounting software. IA can also help with email or meetings optimization.


Working closely with IA can improve the value of your work. For instance, IA can help you analyze millions of data points in just a fraction of a second, improving the decision-making process. This technology can be used to promote remote work team collaboration and identify opportunities for retraining.


Some of the tasks we do at work are not in line with best practices and can be detrimental to our professional lives. It is important to limit the number of meetings and the volume of emails. To increase productivity in work meetings, it is not recommended to invite more than seven people. These activities can be reduced or eliminated by regular, personalized support.


The future of work is about connecting employees, companies, market players, and others to work more closely. Intelligent Automation can help increase the connection between employees and businesses. IA can foster and grow sociability among employees, allowing them to care more about their coworkers. IA can also be used to support universal income, which would reduce inequalities among people.

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