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Building a project from markdown

Building a project from markdown

This post is intented as an helper for my next one 😄

It aims to briefly demonstrate how one can use mdr
to build a project from a mdr file, which happens to be a markdown file
with few annotations.

Since I not yet comfortable with technical nor post writing,
I'm leaving a (hopefully commented) script do the explanation.
Please read before running 😄

# create a new directory and cd into it
mkdir GwionTest
cd GwionTest

# clone, build and install mdr
git clone
cd mdr
sudo make install

# get back to GwionTest directory
cd ..

# get the mdr file
curl -o HelloGwion.mdr

# run mdr on the file, thus building the project
# set the BROWSER variable to the executable of the browser you use
# e.g: BROWSER=dissenter-browser mdr HelloGwion.mdr
BROWSER=<your browser here> mdr HelloGwion.mdr
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I you see any issues with the wording or anything in this post or the mdr file,
please let me know.

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