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Fernando Tricas García
Fernando Tricas García

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So, you want to stop that hard drive?

Well, you have a brand new computer: it has an SSD hard drive and it runs silently without much problem. Then, you find an old hard disk: 'well, it will be a good simple backup site', you think. You install it and suddenly your realize that that technology is noisy. Well, you know, it is not something unbearable, but you are hearing it. Moreover, you leave the room and you still can hear the noise. So, the question is: can we stop the spinning of the disk?
As usual, somebody replied to this before: Shutdown my (backup) hard disk on Linux when I don't use it and the way is to use:

udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdX

(/dev/sda in my case; you can check, for example, with: dmesg | grep sd )

Well, ok, but I want my hard disk back.

It's easy, you can just mount it and it'll start spinning and you'll recover your noise. And the disk.

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