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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v44

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Dana G

Hi there, it's Dana here. So glad I found this community through someone I follow on twitter! I really like how everyone's friendly here.
I'm software engineer now, my whole way to this role looks like this though: ISP techsupport --> ISP system administrator --> network engineer --> system administrator --> software dev --> senior software dev --> devops --> software engineer. Now my goal is become software architect and I have a lot to learn!
Currently working in awesome IoT startup. My favorite languages to use are python and golang.
I spend my free time polishing my drawing skills, I like the idea that one should have something for brain (that's my job), for hands (that would be drawing) and for body (I love walking and dancing).
Alright, that's me, nice to meet you all!

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Chris Achard

Welcome Dana! Yes, I love how friendly people are here as well - it's a great community! What type of things do you like to draw the most?