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My Coding journey! - Journal #1

Hello, everyone! My name is Filipe Marques and I'm 26 years old. I decided to start this journey catalog to mark my improvements as a Web Developer. I first discovered coding in High School when I joined a Game Dev Program, back when I lived in Brazil, and fell in love with the career ever since. I moved to the United Stats in 2014, and decided to enroll in college and get my programming career started. Unfortunately life got in the way and I had to drop out and dedicate myself to working full-time (and some more) to help and support my family.

Six years here in the United States and now I finally can get back to my dream career and improve my coding skills. I enrolled in online classes and also got myself into a few coding websites, such as CodeCademy and Udemy. So far I've been able to learn everything with ease and I'm halfway through most of my courses. Some say it would be best to stick to just one and learn from it until the end, but I find helpful that what some platforms don't cover completely others do.

Today is a new day this new chapter of my life and I feel great about it. I created the "basic shell" of what will be my portfolio webpage, please check it out and send feedback as it evolves! I'll try to keep posting every week with updates of my learning experiences and on my portfolio. Make sure to follow! Thank you for reading!

Here is the link to my portfolio:

Projects and improvements coming soon!

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